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How do I create a series of emails and account for new target list members


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  • INBOX25 Team

    Hello Eric!

    Our trigger system would probably fit your requirements with one adjustment.  The campaign source has to be a module and not a target list.  So, for example, you could send a series of emails (beginning with a welcome email) by creating a series of trigger campaigns that are based on a new lead, account, contact, etc.

    You would want to base your trigger campaigns on a Date contained in a SugarCRM Profile, select your Module (i.e. Leads) and then select the field 'Date Added'.  You would then set your first trigger to send 'On Date', so immediately when they're added they would receive the welcome message.  Then your next trigger campaign you would setup exactly the same, but set the trigger to send X days after the action and so on.


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