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Drip Campaign?



  • Tgarman

    I would use the API together with the Trigger Campaigns feature.  Everyday you upload 100-200 people to the list via a php script and the API and then the trigger is applied to the new people on the list and deploys an email to them.

  • INBOX25 Team

    Using our new Automated Campaign feature will make this a breeze.  You can fill a list from the API or manually update your marketing list, then setup your campaign to target that list and use a Data Field condition --> Created after (today's date) and every time you add a record, they'll automatically be dropped into your campaign.  Trigger would work too, but if you're going for a series a messages, it doesn't really handle that well.  For more than a single trigger/email event, its best to go with Automated Campaigns.  Check it out later in the week.  We're migrating to v4.0 right now, which includes Automated Campaigns.


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