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Automate Global Suppression List


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  • INBOX25 Team

    Hello Karen!

    if you're unable to click on 'Automated Global Suppression List' it would be because you have the Subscriber Preference Center enabled on your account.  When the Preference Center is enabled we cannot treat all unsubscribes as global unsubscribes, since your Subscribers can now choose which lists they want to be subscribed to and which they do not.  The Preference Center can be managed under Settings > Preference Center

    Correct, none of those links will work inside of a PROOF because they're all dynamic and customized for each of your subscribers at the time your campaign is sent.  Since a PROOF is not yet tied to a subscriber list (only the test address you enter) there is no functionality that we can apply to the link.  Same with the Web Friendly Version that is generated when your campaign begins sending.  The forward to a friend link also functions like the unsubscribe link and is customized for each subscribers and tracked like that too.

    Hope this helps! :)


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